Welcome to NMG Enterprises, LLC

As implied in the subtitle, NMG Enterprises encompasses website design services, blog development, and a lot of other things. As the venture grows, NMG hopes to have under its umbrella, many websites depicting many things including, but not to limited to, sports, politics, literature, music, food, etc.

NMG Enterprises no longer designs and develops websites for third parties. NMG will continue to administer websites it already owns and will design and develop websites for those entities for which a commitment has been made. However, NMG Enterprises owns many domain names and will continue to design and develop its own websites with a goal of implementing websites that convey various types of knowledge.

NMG Enterprises Entities:
Manager and publisher for Birmingham, Alabama novelist, Marie Nicole Harper.

Manager and publisher for Birmingham, Alabama political blogger, Wing Nut Gal.

Manager and publisher for Bama Report, your one stop site for Crimson Tide sports, Bama Report.